From the Heart

"From the Heart" is the name of our stewardship campaign for our new Youth and Children's Building.  The reason that we have chosen this name is because we believe that giving is not simply about dollars and cents.  It is about the spiritual condition of our hearts!  Too often, we treasure the wrong things and wonder why we don't love the Lord with all of our heart.  We treasure things of this world- cars, houses, boats, and other material possessions.  But, shouldn't our hearts long to see men, women, boys, and girls come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ?

Please pray for this campaign and ask the Lord what you can give above and beyond your regular tithes and offerings.  We need to raise one million dollars to begin the building project.  In simpler terms, our goal would be met within three years if each family in our church would give $5 per day.  Is that a sacrifice that you are willing to make?

For more information on how you can give to support this important step in the ministry of Lawrenceburg FBC, contact the church office at 502-839-6966.

What is He calling you to give?

How much money do we need to raise?

The estimated cost of the new building is $1.5 million.  We have already raised $500,000 through the Beyond Measure campaign.  Therefore, the goal is to raise an additional $1 million.

Will money I give be used to build and not for another purpose?

Yes- All money donated will be used to build the new educational wing for the children and youth of Lawrenceburg FBC.

Will we have to borrow money?

Our goal is not to borrow any money- this will be paid for through giving.

When will construction begin?

Construction begins when 75% of the funds have been raised or pledged with proven backing.

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."  

-Matthew 6:21

Where will we put the current '53 building occupants during construction?

We will use any and all space necessary during construction. We ask the church to be flexible during this time.  Solutions may include combining Sunday School classes or using mobile classrooms.

What kind of security will we have in the new building?

Security measures for the children and youth are at the top of the priority list.  Security protocol will be developed and a highly secure check-in system will be implemented.  The new building will be much safer with better control of entry/exit points.

Where will the playground go?

After much discussion and research, we have found the safest, most efficient playground space will be in from of the new wing.

When will we renovate the Fireside Room?

During the construction phase, the Fireside Room will be needed for many purposes.  To avoid damaging a newly remodeled space, the renovations to the Fireside Room will take place after the new children and youth wing is completed.  

"Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver."

-2 Corinthians 9:7